Home Theatre – The Future of Home Entertainment
Home Theatre – The Future of Home Entertainment

A wonderful home entertainment centre serves as the foundation of your home theatre. A space for everything must exist, and unsightly cords and uncomfortable placement may take your attention away from the screen. You should also make sure that everything blends in with the room’s overall design. We’re here to help, so don’t worry.
We are Gauri Creations, the Home Theater Specialist in Calicut.
You might have bought the slick 60″ 4K TV, the accent lighting, and every Blu-Ray disc. The only thing left to do is find the best entertainment centre for your home theatre. It might be challenging to choose the best solution from the many accessible choices. Some are pricey, while others are not. Some are more functionally sparse, while others are more basic. But which is better for you?
Gauri Creations can meet all of your requirements for digital audio and video enjoyment.

What makes us different from other competing companies

Let it be the concept plan or the cost, be it the customised ideas or the after-sales service, no one can beat us.
We have an experienced crew, that can convert any space you have into an entertainment zone.
Any system you choose counts as your “home theatre” as long as it provides the entertainment options you want and needs. Almost every space in the house, a studio apartment, an office, a dorm, or even outside can be converted into a home theatre.
Your home theatre system can act as a hub for expanding your watching and listening options across the house via wired or wireless networking.
The majority of houses don’t always have expensive custom installations, nor do they always cost a lot of money.
A 4K Ultra HD LED/LCD TV coupled with at least a DVD and Blu-ray Disc player, a stereo or home theatre receiver, a soundbar, speakers, and a subwoofer can make up a basic home theatre setup.
An active internet connection for streaming videos and a projector along with it can improve the way you watch movies or songs.
We have everything in stock at our company,
Gauri Creations is recognized as the most customer-friendly Home Theatre Store in Calicut.
We have dedicated customer care persons to take into consideration of your needs and experienced craftsman to design a home theatre based on your particular requirements.
From mood lighting to custom sofas, we provide everything under one roof.
Finding the best entertainment centre can be a surprisingly difficult decision. But not anymore.
Gauri Creations is your final destination when it comes to your new home entertainment centre.
Visit our demo home theatre to get an idea of creating your own theatre.
For more details about Home Theatre Installation, then call us at +91 7012 612 920 or email us at info@gauricreations.com.

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Are You Planning to Install a Home Theatre? 
Are You Planning to Install a Home Theatre? 

Watching a movie at home is something we all take pleasure in. It offers so much convenience, like no time constraints, the advantage of doing some of your daily chores while watching a movie, etc. The accessibility of OTT platforms has made home theatres take a pivotal role in the entertainment industry. Entertainment gadgets and home theatre concepts are becoming more popular, thanks to the digital transformation. Home theatres are available in different packages and budgets. You can also install a custom home theatre, where you can have your own preferences. The quality of projectors, screens, and audio-visual equipment has improved a lot in recent years, keeping movie aficionados contented.

Home theatres have started finding a place in the plan of architects and engineers. Beautiful and illuminated interiors, flamboyant seating systems including reclining sofas, and a whole new ambiance make home theatres the best place to gather and indulge in pleasure. Modern home theatres stay at par with multiplex theatres in terms of delivery of pictures and sounds. You can incept a stunning theatre in your home without breaking the bank. Find a good custom home theatre manufacturer near you who can make your plan materialized. Gauri Creations is one of the best Home Theatre companies in Calicut, which are well-experienced in custom home theatres and audio-visual equipment.

It will be fine if you follow some good practices while installing the home theater.


The first thing to be considered when you plan for a home theatre is your budget. Decide how much you can allocate for the home theatre. Enquire about the cost and life of equipment with custom home theatre manufacturers and check whether you can afford it. Today, you can install a home theatre, spending a few lakhs.

Room size

Selecting the right room for your home theatre is very important because, unless your home theatre provides a good visual appeal, it will mar your pleasure. The size of your screen also is a deciding factor, and you must keep the ideal viewing distance. A bigger room with a standard ceiling height airs a more immersive movie-watching experience. You need to ensure that the room is shaped correctly to deal with sound waves. A surround sound system works better in a spacious room. A rectangular-shaped room is considered best for a home theatre.

List of gadgets

Make a list of audio-visual gadgets that you want to have in your home theatre system, like the number of speakers you want to install, the screen size, the audio equipment, etc. The more the number of gadgets, the more you will have to spend. Get the opinion of an expert home theatre specialist in this regard.

Location of the projector screen

To have an optimum viewing experience, you must think about placing the projector screen in the right place and seeing where the light sources are located. Ensure that there are no obstacles in front of the screen that hinder your sight.

If you make a wise decision based on the above practices, you are going to enjoy the best home theatre experience. To know more about custom home theatres, contact Gauri Creations, Calicut, at +91 7012 612 920.

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What are the Essential Components of a Home Theatre?
What are the Essential Components of a Home Theatre?

A home theatre improves your viewing experience and gives you the pleasure of watching a movie as in a cinema theatre. When you think about installing a home theatre, it is better to have an awareness of the essential components of a home theatre.

Display Screen

The display is one of the main parts that constitute your home theatre. You can choose A TV or a projector as a display device. When you start thinking about this, some factors have to be taken into consideration. If you want to have an immersive experience yet an affordable device, projectors will be ideal. However, if you are looking for the latest technology that offers high-quality audio with superb clarity, you can buy a 4K HD TV. For more detailed information, it is better to contact a home theatre company. Gauri Creations is one of the companies which provides home theatre equipment and the Best Home Theatre System in Calicut.

AV Receivers

AV Receiver is an essential part of a home theatre. It is the receiver which processes all audio-visual signals and distributes them to your home theatre devices. It contributes much to your entertainment.


Speakers give you an immersive home theatre experience. Generally, home theatre experts use two types of speakers, surround sound and front-facing. To have a perfect audio experience, surround sound speakers are recommended for home theatres. Surround sound speakers are comprised of front speakers, rear left, rear right, centre speaker and subwoofer.


For a luxurious look and feel, you can install an automated lighting system in your home theatre. The ambient lighting enhances your viewing experience and gives the theatre a posh look. From recessed lights to fibre optic lighting, there are a lot of theatre lighting ideas to choose from. If you are not sure about how to proceed with the lighting in your home theatre, speak to an expert.

Seating System

Seating plays a prominent role when it comes to the home theatre system. Perfect seating makes your movie-watching experience rich. You can install recliner sofas in your home theatre so that your family and guests can have maximum enjoyment. If you are planning to install a home theatre in your living room, you need flexibility. So, you must choose furniture that provides you with maximum comfort.

Surge Protector

As home theatre systems contain delicate components, they must be protected from voltage surges. So, it is crucial to include a surge protector in your home theatre system. Also, it saves your valuable devices from any electrical shortages.

A professional home theatre expert can give you more suggestions on selecting the best home theatre components that make your movie-watching experience a memorable one. Several custom home theatre companies are there to help you in every aspect of installing a home theatre. Gauri Creations are experts in this field and have done many home theatre projects in Kerala. To know more about Home Theatres, contact Gauri Creations at +91 7012 612 920.

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Home Theatres – the Recent Trends
Home Theatres – the Recent Trends

Technology and innovation have transformed everything, from construction to interior design to entertainment gadgets. Home theatre is one that has witnessed tremendous change recently. It has reached the epitome of transformation that custom home theatres have replaced the traditional home theatre systems where a TV screen and a few speakers constituted a home theatre. With the rapid changes in home concepts, theatres have started adorning every home. The recent trend is that you can install a home theatre anywhere in your house, like a balcony, living room, bedroom, or even on the terrace.

Gauri Creations is a custom home theatre provider based in Calicut. With skilled technicians, world-renowned home theatre gadgets, and flawless service, the company has become the destination for the Best Home Theatre System in Calicut. They give an incredible 5-year warranty for select home theatre systems, besides a commendable after-sales service. You can also buy home theatre gadgets from their home theatre store.

Plush Seating Systems

A visible change that can be seen in custom home theatres is the lounge-style seating that offers a luxurious entertainment experience. Unlike in the past, family members are spending more time at home. So, comfort is important. Recliners and other innovative seating systems are becoming popular with home cinemas. The entire look of the home theatres now stands on par with commercial cinema theatres.

Modern decorative lighting

Lighting has a great role in enhancing the ambiance and mood of the audience. Home theatres of today boast extravagant lighting systems that delight the audience. Rooftop and wall-mounted LED lights in different hues create a dynamic theatre environment. You have different lighting options depending on your budget. The latest fiber optic lighting offers a starlight effect on the ceiling, which accentuates the beauty of the theatre.

Acoustic Effects

To augment the audio effect, custom home theatre providers use better acoustic treatments. Three-dimensional audio multiplies the enjoyment of watching movies and plays, thanks to the invention of technologies like Dolby Atmos. The audio quality is further improved with modern acoustic paneling. A professional acoustician does the job more efficiently. The acoustical treatments are concealed on the wall and covered with transparent fabric to provide a neat look.

Bigger Screens

As technology evolves, home theatres also witness tremendous changes. Screens and projectors just got ultra-modern with immensely rich output that evokes the same visual experience of a commercial cinema theatre. The increase in the size of the screen does not reduce the picture clarity, thanks to the high-definition projectors.

Home Theatre Gear

As part of giving the best movie-watching experience, home theatres of today use equipment with a global reputation. Audio receivers, networking gear, speakers, projectors, etc. are of superlative quality and give the audience an immersive entertainment experience.

You may come across confusion regarding the inception of a home theatre. If you are planning to install one, consult a custom home theatre provider and check the features and costs of different types of theatres so that you can enjoy a hassle-free experience.

For more details on home theatres, visit our website or call +91 7012 612 920.

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Are You Looking For An Amazing Home Theatre Experience?
Are You Looking For An Amazing Home Theatre Experience?

Head straight to Gauri Creations.

We have you covered, whether you want to view the newest science fiction film or play online games with your buddies.

Introducing Gauri Creations.

Gauri Creations is the best Home Theatre Store in Calicut.

The most affordable home theatre systems are available at Gauri Creations, which will elevate your viewing and gaming pleasure.

Home cinema systems made to suit your needs are available at Gauri Creations. Gauri Creations provides a system for everyone, whether you’re looking for one to watch movies with your family or to play the old classics.

Leading brand home cinema systems are available from us. You could feel confident you’re receiving the best deal possible since Gauri Creations also offers affordable prices on its home entertainment systems.

There is a large selection of home theater accessories available when you purchase at Gauri Creations. There is something for every taste and need, ranging from speakers and receivers to sound bars and subwoofers.

In addition, Gauri Creations provides installation services so you can be certain your setup is ideal and you’re prepared to immediately begin enjoying movies and gaming.

Why We Are Your Best Choice For Home Theatres

Are you looking for a home theatre setup company in Kozhikode?

Gauri Creations specializes in constructing home theatres that you and your family can enjoy. Gauri Creations is the ideal destination to purchase your home theatre setup, whether it’s for a movie night with friends or just a leisurely weekend with your family.

We at Gauri Creations are aware of the value of a well-designed home theatre system. Because of this, we provide our customers with buyback offers and a 5-year warranty for their home theatre systems.

Customers can trade in their obsolete home theatre models for the newest versions by taking advantage of our buy-back offers. Customers can get their home theatre system fixed or replaced if any damages arise thanks to our 5-year warranty.

At Gauri Creations, we pride ourselves on being the top-notch Home Theatre Setup Company in Kozhikode.

To provide our customers with the greatest experience possible, we utilize the latest equipment and technology. In order to ensure that your home cinema setup is ideal for you and your family, our team of trained and experienced experts will work with you.

You need to look no further than Gauri Creations if you’re seeking a reputable home theatre installation company in Kozhikode.

Gauri Creations can provide you with the home theatre experience you’re looking for.

You can’t go wrong with the best discounts on home theatre equipment and accessories. Therefore, Gauri Creations is your best bet if you’re seeking an incredible home theatre experience.

We offer superior home theatre setup services and top-notch customer support.

Give us a call right now, and we’ll assist you in creating the ideal home theatre.

For more details, visit our website or call +91 7012 612 920.

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What Are Living Room Theatres?
What Are Living Room Theatres?

Do you wish to maximize the use of your living room? If so, you are fortunate! The ideal approach to make the most of your living room is with a living room theatre.

Home theatre systems called “Living Room Theatres” turn your living room into a luxurious movie theatre. These setups are equipped with features like top-of-the-line sound systems, cosy seats, and substantial HDTVs to deliver the best movie-watching experience.

Are Living Room Theatres economical?

Living room theatres are made to be reasonably priced. They often cost far less than conventional movie theatres and consume less energy than a normal home theatre setup. As a result, you may watch your favourite films without worrying about the additional expense.

Living Room Theatres may also be set up quickly and easily, usually in a matter of hours.

Can Every Living Room Be Converted Into A Living Room Theatre?

Every living room can be transformed into a living room theatre, so the question can be answered in the affirmative. With the correct tools, you can quickly transform any living room into a living room theatre. All you require is a high-definition HDTV, a sound system, and cozy seating. To create a completely immersive experience, you can also include other components like a projector and a screen.

Living room theatres are a great way to maximize your living space. They offer a more engaging cinematic experience at a portion of the price of a conventional movie theatre. Additionally, they can be set up in a matter of hours and are simple to install. Living Room Theatres are the ideal choice if you’re seeking a way to make the most of your living room.

Who Provide Living Room Theatres in Calicut?

Are you trying to figure out the best way to convert your living room into a theatre? In Calicut, look no further than Gauri Creation! We offer the city’s most complete living room theatre options.

Gauri Creation is a renowned Home Theatre Company in Calicut with an experienced crew of professionals.

To transform your living area into a work of art, our staff is committed to offering the greatest service and cutting-edge solutions. For a truly cinematic experience, we are masters at setting the ideal mood and ambience in your living room.

The ideal option for your living room theatre idea is provided by Gauri Creation.

We are the best choice to design a living room theatre because we are the top home theatre company in Calicut.

Why Choose Gauri Creations For Your Living Room Theatre

At Gauri Creation, we remodel your living area using the most cutting-edge technologies. For the best possible experience, our crew will set up projection displays, sound systems, and other tools. To make sure your living room theatre is ideal for any occasion, we also provide a variety of seating options, including recliner chairs, couches, and more.

To complete the design of your living room theatre, our knowledgeable staff will also assist you in selecting the appropriate lighting and accents. Our experts will work with you to discover the ideal mixture from among our large range of materials.

As the best option for Living Room Theatre in Kozhikode, we bring your dream to life.

Your living area will be transformed into an artistic masterpiece by our skilled team.

We are aware that setting up a living room theatre requires more than simply technical expertise. You have the chance to make your home a unique and enjoyable place for you and your family. Because of this, our team takes the time to hear your ideas and collaborate with you to design the ideal living room theatre.

Look no further than Gauri Creation in Calicut for the greatest way to transform your living room into a theatre. Your living room will be transformed into a work of art by our talented team, who will also make sure it is the ideal setting for any event.

To begin, get in touch with us today!

For more details, Call +91 7012 612 920.

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Where to Get Audio-Visual Equipment for your Home Theater?
Where to Get Audio-Visual Equipment for your Home Theater?

Whether you are looking for a home theater system or a full-blown home cinema, we have the right equipment for you.

We are Gauri Creations.

And we at Gauri Creations are your best choice for Audio Visual Equipment Supplier in Kozhikode.

With our assistance, you can create a cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home with our top-notch audio-visual equipment. We provide a variety of goods to pick from when it comes to audio-visual equipment. We provide everything you need for your online pleasure, from home theatre systems to full-fledged home theatres.

Bring the quality of your online enjoyment up a notch

Gauri Creations offers you the most advanced audio-visual equipment to elevate your online entertainment.

Surround sound systems, projectors, TVs, speakers, soundbars, and other devices are all part of our audio-visual equipment. We also provide a wide range of accessories, including HDMI cables, wall mounts, and more.

Why We at Gauri Creation is your best choice?

We at Gauri Creations are committed to giving our clients the very finest service. We work hard to make sure that every one of our goods is of the greatest caliber and is supported by first-rate customer service. Our team of professionals is always available to assist you in locating the ideal apparatus for your requirements. To help you quickly and easily get your audio-visual equipment up and running, we also offer installation services.

Gauri Creations is the place to go if you’re seeking the ideal audio-visual equipment for your home theatre. We provide everything you need to create the best home cinema experience, including a huge selection of goods, knowledgeable customer service, and affordable prices. For all of your demands in audio-visual equipment, therefore, don’t think twice and visit Gauri Creations.

We at Gauri Creation are the Home Theatre Specialist in Calicut


We are glad you have chosen Gauri Creation as your one-stop shop in Calicut for all your home theatre requirements.

One of the top home theatre companies in Calicut, we have a team of skilled experts who can assist you in designing the ideal audio-visual environment for your house.

Gauri Creation is committed to assisting customers in building their ideal home theatres and is passionate about giving them the best audio-visual experience possible. So if you’re looking for the best Home Theatre Specialist in Calicut, look no further than Gauri Creation!

We work hard to offer our customers customized solutions that will satisfy their demands because we are aware that everyone’s home theatre needs vary. We also know that when it comes to home theatre systems, quality is everything, therefore we only utilize the greatest tools and supplies to make sure your audio-visual experience is top-notch.

Our various packages and excellent services will surely meet your budget and need

We are convinced that with our wide range of packages, which range from low-cost to high-end alternatives, we can give you the ideal home cinema system that suits your requirements and price range. Our team of professionals will assist you in choosing the appropriate audio-visual components for your room, including TVs, projectors, sound systems, and speakers. Additionally, we’ll assist you with equipment installation and make sure your home cinema is configured properly for the best possible sound and vision.

Contact us at 7012 612 920 to get a free demo.

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